Oasis of Abundance the latest exhibition of the artist Francis Essoua aka Enfant Précoce

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Melissa Alibo introduced me to the captivating world of Enfant Précoce, the painter extraordinaire. Born in Cameroon in 1989, Francis embarked on his artistic journey under the guidance of his uncle, Malam Essoua, a sculptor whose free-spirited life as an artist left an indelible mark on him. Enfant Précoce didn’t start as a painter; he was first a dancer, a passion he continues to embrace.

Over the past decade, Enfant Précoce has immersed himself in the world of painting, drawing inspiration from his life, family history, and infusing his creations with vibrant colors and boundless joy. His artistic expression transcends mere brushstrokes; it’s a celebration of life’s rich tapestry.

Enfant Précoce’s narratives traverse the universal, and I found particular delight in the stories he shared, especially those of his grandmother on market day. Rising at 6 am, she’d rouse him even though her actual shopping didn’t commence until 11 am. His love for flowers and animals is evident in his work, crafted with a childlike innocence that not only elicits smiles but also conveys stories that go beyond mere gaiety.

In the accompanying videos, Enfant Précoce, accompanied by his friend Melissa Alibo, guides us through his artistic journey, offering a glimpse into the depth and whimsy that define his unique creations.



Diane Pernet

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