At the Maitrepierre fashion show, Parisian chic meets Kawaii fashion. photos by Dominique Maitre

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Maitrepierre fall-winter 2024-2025 runway blends the stereotypical Parisian style with the Kawaii aesthetic.

Suit jackets adorned with hoods, berets transformed into backward-worn caps – the grayscale elegance of Parisian fashion takes a colorful turn with electric violet, Barbie pink, and apple green hues. The iconic Carel  footwear undergos a Maitrepierre makeover featuring red waves on the sides and tips, along with pastel pink and violet cutouts for a vintage yet modern look.

Maitrepierre’s showstopper, however, lies in the extraordinary accessories resembling sculptures. Alongside the diverse beret-caps, the designer drapes one model’s shoulders with a large tiger and crowns another with oversized flowers. These captivating accessories are the second collaboration in this collection this one with New York artist Gracelee Lawrence from genetically modified corn remnants, surrealistic forms are created. Straddling the line between a video game glitch and an Instagram filter, these accessories add a hybrid dimension to the Maitrepierre runway, blending ready-to-wear with artistic experimentation.



Diane Pernet

A LEGENDARY FIGURE IN FASHION and a pioneer of blogging, Diane is a respected journalist, critic, curator and talent-hunter based in Paris. During her prolific career, she designed her own successful brand in New York, costume designer, photographer, and filmmaker.