Balenciaga Rodeo Bag: Unveiling Laid-Back Luxury Inspired by Rodeo Drive

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Launching in February 2024, both in-store and online at, the Balenciaga Rodeo Bag draws inspiration from the iconic Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, renowned for its blend of luxury and fashion.

This distinctive bag boasts a unique design, allowing for versatile wear. Its tilted shape facilitates easy carrying, with the intentionally open front compartment creating a laid-back aesthetic. Reinforced side snaps on accordion folds provide a slimmer yet expandable option.

Crafted from exquisite calfskin, the Rodeo Bag undergoes meticulous tanning, finishing, and cutting processes. The smooth transparent finish highlights the leather’s natural flawlessness, developing a soft patina over time. The bag’s two spacious compartments feature glove-grade lambskin lining, complemented by two flat pockets on the back.

Embracing a worn-in look, the upper part of the bag showcases pre-worn pleats, softened piping, and raw edges, reminiscent of a well-loved daily accessory with subtle markings that tell a story of time passing.

Discreet logos grace the double lock closure system, while the interior features a thin leather strap secured with snap-hooks and four base feet for added durability.

The Balenciaga Rodeo Bag is available in small, medium, and large sizes, offering black, grey, or white leather options with gold or silver metal hardware.

For collectors, special versions come adorned with an array of charms, including a heart-shaped leather-framed mirror, heart-shaped carabiners, a chain of lockets and keys, souvenir-style pendants, and a Balenciaga retail tag in leather.



Diane Pernet

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