Y-3 Unveils the Essence of Spring/Summer 2024: A Departure from Convention

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In Herzogenaurach on February 1st, 2023, adidas and Yohji Yamamoto celebrated a legacy of over two decades dedicated to redefining sportswear. The inaugural chapter of the Y-3 Spring/Summer 2024 collection marks a departure from the conventional, focusing on the theme of Contra-Natural. This concept explores the intriguing interplay between the organic and synthetic realms, unveiling an unexpected tapestry of beauty.

The collection’s initial chapter introduces a bold ensemble of apparel characterized by audacious cuts, refined tailoring, and expressive silhouettes. Digital distortions of real flowers grace select pieces, alongside elevated staples inspired by workwear. Y-3’s signature color palette, featuring Y-3 Black, Solid Gray, and White, is augmented by Clay Brown, Mesa, Shadow Red, and Mint. Drawing inspiration from oxidation, these colors embody the tension central to the seasonal concept, transforming rusty burgundy into an acidic mint.

Accessories echo the defiance of the thematic pulse, with soft leather tote bags, wallets, and card holders showcasing the same distorted floral graphic. From apparel to footwear, Chapter 1 expands the Y-3 repertoire of adidas Originals icons, all reinvented through Yohji Yamamoto’s lens. New silhouettes like the Y-3 STAN SMITH, Y-3 COUNTRY, and Y-3 GSG9 LOW showcase collapsible premium leather with piped details. The return of the Y-3 GENDO, accompanied by the Y-3 KYASU in low and high top executions and the introduction of the Y-3 KYASU SLIP-ON, adds a minimal brick-like outsole with a stitched-on primeknit upper.

The launch of Spring/Summer 2024 Chapter 1 is accompanied by an evocative campaign that captures strength and community through the lens of London’s Bugeisha Club. This international collective of women and non-binary individuals with mixed Asian heritage, known for merging creative energy with athletic prowess, is portrayed in a narrative by Erika Kamano, directed by Francis Plummer, and styled by Robbie Spencer. The images depict a story of composure, poise, and restraint, emphasizing the synergy of body, mind, spirit, and community. Four leading figures from Bugeisha Club – Mana Kimura–Anderson, Becky Tun Pe, April Gunawardena, and Lara Swift – showcase the Y-3 Spring/Summer 2024 Chapter 1 collection, embodying the tension between fluid movement and rigorous discipline.

Experience a distinctive vision of uncompromising sporting elegance – welcome to the first chapter of Contra-Natural.

Campaign Credits:


  • Bugeisha Club @bugeishaclub
  • Mana Kimura–Anderson @thenunchuckprincess
  • Becky Tun Pe @tekkybecky
  • April Gunawardena @aprilllg
  • Lara Swift @laraswift
  • Jason Tang @zazonn
  • Will C @will.clrk


  • Photographer Erika Kamano @erikakamano
  • Director Francis Plummer @fransnumber1
  • Stylist Robbie Spencer @robbiespencer

For more information, visit adidas.com/Y-3 #Y3 @adidasY3

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