Sacai Forever , Autumn/Winter 24

The number of K-pop stars here is incredible. I wish I knew who any of them were. Also I spot Pusha T? Sacai has certainly brought the people out of the Sunday slumps and into their desert fantasy. Seated on a pebble colored block in gray sand with big warm orange panel lights beaming down, I feel distinctly like a little turtle under a heat lamp waiting to be fed. 

In a time where it feels like everything’s been done and everyone is trying to do everything all at once in hopes of spitting out a couple of original ideas- Sacai’s deconstructed, reconstructed, suits meet streetwear meets sleepwear meets camp meets sportswear meets masculine femininity and feminine masculinity (phew!) is nevertheless an elegant smorgasbord of unexpected piecing, exaggerated form, and incredible craftsmanship. Diane says Sacai was always about patchwork, contrast, and mixing it up. No wonder it works so well.

From furry mules that pay contemporary homage to Merét Oppenheim and hip-high rubber boots ready for mud larking in the Seine, Sacai maintains an impenetrable elegance through a minimalist color palette and most notably an attention to beautiful material that can perhaps only be described as having good taste.

It is distinctly Sacai; distinctly fresh.


À plus,

Rianna Murray


Rianna Murray

American in Paris. Interested in Art and Fashion.