Feeing Intense at GMBH Autumn/Winter 24


There is a small dreadful feeling that has been growing inside me all week as my Instagram feed fills with more pictures of runways, clothes, celebrities and less pictures of war. I wasn’t doing anything in particular to help anyone anywhere but still can feel the space in my brain that could be dedicated to at least staying informed being eaten by the struggle to find “synonyms for artful” and “how to say tacky but in a less negative way.”

I begin to notice many of GMBH’s guests wearing Palestinian scarves, but Erykah Badu’s enormous hat is still the tallest, loudest accessory in the room. When GMBH’s designers Benjamin and Serhat come out in the same scarves and take the podium, I feel nervous. They make a very emotional, very long and beautiful speech about the scary times we are living in. I cry and can’t believe that we have to look at clothes now, but the collection is somber, simple, poignant, and effective.

There is a guy in the front row wearing sunglasses and a nearly entirely face-covering balaclava “reading” The Prophet. This guy can’t see his own nose. He continues this bit through the entire speech and through the entire show. I am baffled. 

The clothes were beautiful- their jacket inspired by the keffiyeh is a powerful piece. I leave feeling like I need a drink.

Rianna Murray

American in Paris. Interested in Art and Fashion.