Harmonizing Style and Sound: Jay-Jay Johanson’s Eclectic Playlist Debuts on Balenciaga Music

Dear Shaded Viewers,

In the ever-evolving landscape of music and fashion, an intriguing collaboration emerges as Balenciaga Music unveils its latest offering—a 30-song playlist curated by the enigmatic Swedish singer-songwriter, Jay-Jay Johanson. Available since November 11, 2023, this playlist is not just another set of tracks; it’s a journey through Johanson’s musical psyche, accessible via a dedicated page on Balenciaga’s website that ingeniously links to multiple streaming platforms.

Jay-Jay Johanson, a name synonymous with melodic, melancholic, and ethereal sounds, has long been a staple in the electronic music genre. With 14 studio albums under his belt, his playlist is an intimate look into the favorites, influences, and new inspirations that have shaped his distinctive sound. This eclectic mix serves as a testament to Johanson’s genre-defying approach to music, offering listeners a chance to experience the world through his auditory lens.

Adding a visual dimension to this auditory experience is a series of collages created in collaboration with Christophe Brunnquell. Brunnquell, known for his surrealistic approach, previously worked with Johanson in 2017 on the music video for “Bury the Hatchet.” Their renewed collaboration for Balenciaga Music involves a similar technique, with new portraits of Johanson transposed onto printed self-portraits, creating a mesmerizing blend of the real and the surreal.

Balenciaga Music, under the visionary guidance of Demna, has been curating playlists that are more than mere collections of songs. They are reflective of the artists’ personal tastes, offering a glimpse into their creative processes and backgrounds. This initiative, which began with Demna’s own mix, has seen collaborations with a diverse range of artists including RuPaul, Aya Nakamura, Acid Arab, and Pink Martini. Each playlist is a narrative, telling the story of its creator.

In an era where music and fashion continually intersect, Johanson’s Balenciaga Music mix stands out as a compelling exploration of sound and style. It’s a bold statement in the world of curated playlists, inviting listeners to not just hear, but to experience the musical essence of Jay-Jay Johanson.




Diane Pernet

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