What’s left in the end: Review of Taipei Fashion Week

Taipei Fashion Week for Spring/Summer 2024 has once again shattered conventional fashion week norms. Spread over a longer period of time and featuring sporadic shows outside of the core schedule, this distinct approach brings a dynamic and exciting unpredictability to the table (and also presents challenges for press coverage due to its extended duration).

The event unfolded in many and vastly different stylistic directions, going far beyond a single aesthetic or trend. Moving away from a rigid adherence to the mainstream, Taipei Fashion Week serves as a blank canvas for a wide range of designers to present and showcase their distinctive talents. The diverse shows illuminated the city’s unique fashion landscape, emphasizing that although Taipei Fashion Week is perhaps regarded as less of a fashion destination, it is certainly not limited to a single stylistic expression.

Amidst the rich array of shows, meticulous organization ensures a seamless flow of events. Most notable is the enduring hallmark quality of Taipei Fashion Week- an unfalteringly warm hospitality extended to it’s attendees. This graciousness not only marks the “week” as a remarkable showcase of fashion, but also elevates it to a distinguished celebration of cultural richness and hospitality.


Here are some highlights of Taipei Fashion Week:

JENN LEE, the digital fashion trailblazer, seized the spotlight at Taipei Fashion Week with an SS24 collection that undoubtedly stole the show. Regarded as the highlight of the entire event, the offsite showcase at POPOP Taipei, in collaboration with “AJ2 Concept”, was nothing short of a triumph.

Marked by international recognition from BBC UK and praise from US VOGUE, JENN LEE’s creative brilliance reached its zenith on October 15th. This showcase, themed “JENN LEE FASHION HOUSE”, was a transformative journey into self-discovery, inner peace, and the creation of personal paradises.

The designer’s commitment to fashion-tech innovation was apparent with interactive VR games, the industry’s inaugural app, and a video game featuring virtual characters. The SS24 collection is a testament to craftsmanship and DIY spirit which celebrates “organic” and “freedom” – the thrill of creative exploration resonates deeply. Each piece affirmed JENN LEE’s status as a true trendsetter.

This was not merely a fashion show; it embodied a celebration of individuality, innovation, and the exhilarating unknown. The presentation – undeniably the apex of Taipei Fashion Week – etched an indelible mark, heightened by it’s exceptional offsite location that elevated the entire experience.

Find more about JENN LEE here.


IRENSENSE, a visionary and avant-garde fashion label founded by Taiwan-based designers Qi Hong and Jiahao Lin, embodies a fusion of life’s vision and perception seamlessly woven into the fabric of each garment. Embracing a philosophy that rejects restrictions and transcends conventional frameworks, the label seeks to evoke a sense of character and individuality in its wearers.

In the current season, the collection builds upon the enchanting narrative introduced in the previous lineup – a whimsical adaptation of the POKER GARDER from “Alice in Wonderland”. Drawing inspiration from the cinematic portrayal of Alice’s journey a decade after returning to the red world, the SS24 collection charts a course of self-discovery, overcoming fears, and embracing one’s fantastical side. IRENSENSE aligns itself with Alice, navigating the surreal realm, discovering purpose, and unveiling a fresh brand vision.

Themed around “vision”, this season’s collection delves into the realms of foresight, imagination, and dreams. Channeling Alice’s journey through a myriad of colors, totems, patterns, and intricate fabric details, the runway showcase in Tokyo vividly captures moments of Alice’s descent into the bunny hole, grappling with fear, and the eventual acceptance of her true self. It serves as a metaphorical invitation from IRENSENSE for everyone to pioneer their own unique chapter in the tapestry of life.

Find more about IRENSENSE here.


RAY CHU, a fashion brand that places a high value on innovation and sustainability, strives to seamlessly merge beauty and responsibility. Renowned for its unique and personalized designs that break traditional norms, the brand emphasizes thoughtful material selection and environmentally conscious practices. In each collection, RAY CHU articulates a fashion philosophy that champions both beauty and environmental accountability.

The current collection weaves a vibrant narrative, unveiling a palette rich in soft blues and sandy whites, and punctuated by complimentary hints of ocean green and fiery red. Notably, RAY CHU has harnessed innovative 3D printing technology to re-fabricate the skeletal structure of the Manta Ray. This artistic endeavor serves as a poignant reminder of the imperative to safeguard marine ecosystems, advocating for environmental conservation.

RAY CHU’s commitment to pushing boundaries in fashion extends beyond aesthetics, echoing its dedication to creating a positive impact on the planet. Through meticulous craftsmanship and eco-conscious choices, the label not only showcases the beauty of design but also exemplifies a responsibility to the environment, fostering a harmonious union of style and sustainability.

Find more about RAY CHU here.


PCES, short for Projeto a Cidade E as Serras, transforms its identity into the Project of Cities and Mountains. Founded by a trio of innovative designers, the brand boldly breaks away from the traditional gender and seasonal aesthetic structures. PCES seeks out equilibrium in navigating the delicate intersection of technology and nature, utilizing technological advancements for introspection into their environmental impacts.

In the SS24 season, PCES conceptualizes a harmonious balance inspired by the symbolism of the number three. The collection unfolds a world wherein three distinct powers – “Religion”, “Military”, and “Authority” – converge, drawing inspiration from their historical roots and cultural influences while also maintaining a uniquely modern perspective. Each design is baptized with contemporary concepts, aiming to manifest the intricate interconnection of these multidimensional elements.

The underlying philosophy echoes the idea that one force may corrupt, two may divide, but with three, a delicate and sustainable balance is achieved. PCES invites wearers into a realm where fashion becomes a testament to the equilibrium of diverse influences, transcending mere aesthetics to embody a profound statement on balance in the multifaceted landscape of life.

Find more about PCES here.


SEIVSON, committed to reshaping fashion, embraces a philosophy of “viewing life from a different angle”. Striking a delicate balance between widespread admiration and aesthetic innovation, the brand injects fresh vitality into the realm of womenswear. This season’s collection draws inspiration from the dynamic world of working women, seamlessly incorporating unique elements – hollow-out designs, deconstruction, and multi-layering – into a captivating collection featuring suits and trench coats.

Themed “Secrets of the Office”, the collection delves into the transformative narrative of undergarments. For instance, an innovative stripe cutting technique mimics the shredding process, subtly yet expressly revealing the wearers concealed secrets. SEIVSON’s commitment to pushing boundaries is prominent in this nuanced approach, crafting a collection that mirrors contemporary trends while revealing the concealed intricacies of human experiences. The result is a captivating collection of garments which encapsulate the essence of SEIVSON’s mission – to redefine womenswear with a distinct perspective, achieving a harmonious balance between broad appeal and artistic allure.

Find more about SEIVSON here.


JUZHI, among the youngest labels gracing Taipei Fashion Week, proves to be equally captivating. Drawing inspiration from the essence of literati and intellectuals, the brand embraces the symbolism of inner strength as a manifestation of self-awareness, sobriety, and gentle humanity to navigate the complexities of the external world. The collection delves into the intricate relationship between the exposed vulnerability of the human form and its resilient inner core. Employing techniques such as plant dying, Chinese medicine dying, and various other dying methods, the result mirrors the captivating colors and textures reminiscent of traditional Chinese paintings and ink.

The materials’ silhouette serves as a powerful conduit, fortifying the interplay between solitude and steadfastness, vividly portraying the image of defiantly moving against the prevailing winds of the times. JUZHI encapsulates a dialogue about the enduring strength found within, echoing the historical ethos of confronting external chaos with an inner calm – a visual and tactile exploration that resonates with the harmonious aesthetics of Chinese artistry.


In conclusion, Taipei Fashion Week stands out as a hidden gem among the myriad of global fashion showcases. It continues to forge its unique identity with an imperative to promote sustainability awareness. The commendable efforts to foster collaborations and connect labels with the industry should be coupled with a strategic and eco-conscious approach, prompting a reevaluation of excessive goodie bags in favour of more sustainable brand integrations. Striking this mindful balance not only underscores Taipei Fashion Week’s commitment to fashion innovation, but also sets a precedent for responsible industry practices. The truest gift lies in thoughtfully crafted clothing that is not only pleasing to the eye, but also responsible. This is in stark contrast to the countless unread promotional brochures stuffed into oversized bags, contributing to the ever-growing mountain of waste.


All images by Taipei Fashion Week.

Florian Müller

Florian Müller, a communication and PR professional specializing in mental health and sustainability, merges studies in business administration and psychology across Berlin and Paris. His fashion journey commenced in Paris and ventured through diverse global fashion regions, notably East Asia, where he is now considered an expert. In Berlin, he founded a creative agency, excelling in global fashion event guest management and PR. Beyond fashion, Florian imparts PR and mental health wisdom at international universities, with psychotherapy authorization. His "Mental Health in Fashion" campaign, launched in January 2023, spotlights mental health within the fashion industry and its broader societal impact. Florian advocates prioritizing mental health for a sustainable, positive fashion landscape, acknowledging the industry's global influence.