Fashion’s New Frontier: Florian Müller’s Crusade for Mental Health and Sustainability

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In the high-stakes world of fashion, Florian Müller stands out for his commitment to the well-being of those who toil behind the scenes and those who consume fashion. With his “Mental Health in Fashion” initiative, Müller is spearheading a movement that is reshaping the industry’s approach to mental health, a topic often shrouded in silence and stigma. His campaign isn’t just about drawing attention to the issue; it’s about integrating mental health into the broader conversation about sustainability and ethical practices within fashion.

This concerted effort takes aim at the entrenched belief that mental health is secondary to the glitz and glamour of fashion. Müller’s project is both an educational tool and a clarion call for a fundamental shift in industry values, emphasizing that the mental health of industry players is as crucial as any other aspect of sustainability. By leveraging his role as an educator at AMD Akademie Mode & Design and his involvement with initiatives like Fashion Revolution, Müller is laying the groundwork for a more conscious and compassionate fashion ecosystem.

Müller’s voice is resonating beyond local classrooms and workshops, with initiatives like the introduction of a new film category at ASVOFF in Paris, aiming to merge artistic expression with advocacy. This is not just outreach; it’s about creating a platform for storytelling that underscores the human cost of fashion’s fast-paced environment.

The “Mental Health in Fashion” campaign, through Müller’s persistent efforts, is calling for a cultural shift within the fashion industry. It’s a reminder that beneath the surface of every garment and campaign, there are real people whose mental health deserves attention and care. Müller’s vision is clear: the future of fashion is not just in its aesthetics, but equally in the psychological well-being of everyone it touches.


About Florian Müller: Florian Müller’s career is characterized by its versatility and dynamism. He studied business administration and psychology in Berlin and Paris. His professional journey took him from the academic world into practical experience. In Paris, he gained expertise in fashion PR before joining the team of avant-garde designer Martin Margiela. Back in Berlin, he founded his own creative agency, where he still works today, primarily in the areas of public relations, event organization and consulting. He is responsible for guest management at events during the Berlin and Paris Fashion Weeks, as well as similar formats in East Asia. Florian Müller’s passion for education and mental health led him to teach public relations and mental health at universities both domestically and internationally. Additionally, he deepened his education to be able to practice psychotherapy. He is also actively involved as a volunteer with the Berlin Crisis Network and the Sustainability Committee of the Berlin Chamber of Commerce and Industry. A pivotal moment in Müller’s career occurred in January 2023 when he presented his work on mental health in the fashion industry during an event on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) organized by the German Commission for UNESCO and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. This marked the official launch of his “Mental Health in Fashion” initiative, advocating for mental well-being in the world of fashion. Florian Müller’s unwavering commitment makes him a driving force for positive change in the interconnected realms of mental health, the fashion industry, and sustainability



Diane Pernet

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