Intersecting Generations: Carhartt WIP’s Vibrant Collision with Street Art in Milan photos by Alessandro Simonetti

Dear Shaded Viewers,

For its Fall/Winter 2023 collection, Carhartt WIP embarked on a creative venture, joining forces with the niche brand Grog. This collaboration birthed a set of four mini squeezable, refillable markers, presented in the distinctive, classic color palette Carhartt is renowned for: black, Carhartt orange, Hamilton brown, and white.

In a visually captivating project, photographer Alessandro Simonetti documented an intriguing intersection of two generational talents in Milan’s graffiti scene. His lenses followed Leoll and Chob throughout an electrifying evening in the city, offering a narrative that bridges two eras of street art culture.

Chob, a legendary figure within Milan’s graffiti circles, has been leaving his mark across Italy since the early ’90s, revered for pioneering strokes that helped shape the local street art identity. In contrast, Leoll emerges from the contemporary cohort, earning recognition for his unconventional approach to graffiti, characterized by his unique style of inverted tagging.

This rendezvous in Milan not only celebrates the fusion of style and utility reflected in the Carhartt WIP and Grog collaboration but also captures a profound cultural continuum within the urban art scene, reminding us that while trends might evolve, the spirit of creativity and rebellion inherent in graffiti remains timeless.



Diane Pernet

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