‘Earthly Delights’ by SHOWstudio to showcase Grammy Award-winning producer and transgender DJ Honey Dijon’s exclusive new track ‘Earthly Delights’

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Johnnie Walker has taken a creative leap with the launch of its Blue Label Elusive Umami Scotch whisky. This exceptional blend, devised by Master Blender Dr. Emma Walker alongside the expertise of three Michelin starred Chef Kei Kobayashi, captures the intricate essence of umami, the fifth taste profile. Amplifying the launch, renowned DJ Honey Dijon, a Grammy-awarded producer, has spun a special track, “Earthly Delights”. This melody draws inspiration from the whisky itself, utilizing groundbreaking PlantWave™ technology to convert the biorhythms of oak trees into sound.

The whisky’s production is as selective as it gets, with only one in 25,000 oak casks being chosen to cultivate the distinct sweet wood spice flavor. As you indulge in this blend, the “Earthly Delights” track encapsulates the spirit’s essence, creating a symphony for the senses, especially during the golden hour – a moment revered by both Walker and Kobayashi.

The Blue Label Elusive Umami boasts a harmonious blend of sweet and savory, with hints of blood oranges, red berries, and wood spice, balanced by a touch of smoke, salt, and pepper. Whisky enthusiasts can find it first at Johnnie Walker Princes Street in Edinburgh from 18th September, followed by a global release on Amazon from 2nd October and broader availability from 16th October 2023.

Honey Dijon says: “I pride myself on being a sonic storyteller. Transforming the biorhythms into music was something that interested me – music and rhythm exists in all parts of life in some way, creating music from plants added a random dimension to my process, which was cool. Thanks to Johnnie Walker and also to Emma, it was nice to collaborate in a new way.”

Beyoncé tapped London-based Honey for her Renaisance album, and she has created remixes for Madonna’s ‘Finally Enough Love’ compilation. Brought up in the unfiltered abandon of Chicago house parties, Honey is a certified dance floor historian, who mixes catwalk music for Kim Jones, creating the soundtracks for him at Louis Vuitton, including the game-changing Supreme collaboration, and now at Dior Men, since he took the reins there as Artistic Director.


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