Balmain’s Men’s Fall 2023 Campaign: A Harmonious Fusion of Heritage and Modernity by Leticia Dare


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Balmain’s Men’s Fall 2023 Campaign: A Harmonious Fusion of Heritage and Modernity

In the realm of Balmain’s Men’s Fall 2023 campaign, the mantra is clear: blurring boundaries to enhance our vision. This season’s journey commences with a profound reverence for the brand’s unique heritage, setting the stage for an exceptional collection. Four fundamental principles, meticulously crafted before the design process even commenced, serve as the guiding stars, unwaveringly steering the campaign’s creative direction.

Olivier Rousteing, at the helm of Balmain’s creative direction, boldly declares the end of the brand’s “sleeping giant” era. With an unwavering commitment to infuse the richness of Balmain’s extensive archives into every runway, the Fall 2023 collection draws inspiration from the sleek and sophisticated mid-sixties men’s fashion. Characterized by impeccably tailored, slim-fit suits, reminiscent of the Saint Germain jazz artists’ cool sophistication, this campaign exudes the same distinctive spirit. Thibaut Grevet, renowned for his fusion of music and fashion, proves to be the ideal collaborator for this season’s endeavor.

Remaining steadfast in its dedication to Pierre Balmain’s belief that reinvigorated styles must seamlessly align with the present, Balmain ensures that its creations remain attuned to contemporary sensibilities. Stepping away from nostalgia, the campaign introduces syncopation-inspired compositions, echoing the avant-garde jazz artists of legend. These compositions create mesmerizing contrasts, allowing the collection’s luxury details to shine vividly in the imagery.

Pierre Balmain’s graphic genius, though originating decades ago, retains its captivating allure. The campaign resurrects a motif from the ’80s—a recurring PB pattern, inspired by the rhythmic interplay of marble squares within Versailles and Loire Valley châteaux passageways. This regal pattern graces the collection’s most defining silhouettes and accessories, taking center stage in the campaign visuals.

Lastly, the campaign pays homage to Balmain’s unyielding commitment to exquisite Parisian tailoring and craftsmanship. Ginette Spanier, the brand’s first Directrice, leaves an indelible legacy of dedication to the artisanal savoir-faire of couture, instrumental in the success of Pierre Balmain’s post-war collections. Thibaut’s meticulous shots magnify the atelier’s skilled craftsmanship, underscoring the passion and precision that sets the latest collection apart.

Olivier Rousteing’s vision for the Balmain Men’s Fall 2023 campaign is a masterful blend of heritage and contemporary sophistication. This campaign serves as a testament to Balmain’s unwavering commitment to evolving while remaining rooted in its illustrious history. It is a vibrant showcase of the brand’s enduring legacy and its continued resonance in the ever-evolving landscape of fashion.


Creative Direction: @olivier_rousteing Photography: @thibautgrevet Director of Content Creation: @michail_pelet Hair: @evaniefrausto @streetersagency Makeup: @iamjamalscott @artpartner Set Designer: @philipphaemmerle Casting: @bitton @establishmentny Executive Production: @nowopentv Models: Leelou Laridan @leelou_laridan, Xue Huizi @xue.huizi, JeeHoon Bae @jeehoonbae, Ottawa Kwami @ottawakwam




Leticia Dare

Leticia Dare is the Fashion Director for ASVOF.