The Sirens of Titan’s new release ” Leave A Light On” with a film directed by John Paul Pryor

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Here is a hypnotic song for the summer by John-Paul Pryor. Leave A Light On is the second single from the forthcoming album Age of Treason by The Sirens of Titan. The short film Leave A Light On is directed by the band’s singer/songwriter John-Paul Pryor, and is a monochromatic cinematic puzzle exploring obsession, desire and lost love, revolving around the classical notion of the doppelgänger.

With cinematography helmed by Jez Leather, it features a woman caught between insomnia and dreamtime struggling to make sense of what is real and what is not, and is an homage to some of the great psychological noir movies in cinema history. It explores the sense of being eternally trapped, much like the song it reflects.

Directed by John-Paul Pryor

Cinematography by Jez Leather

Starring: Victoria Valcheva & Rita Vikers

Diane Pernet

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