Relaxing with friends at Wini Jun

Dear Shaded Viewers,

For most of us Paris Fashion Week is now over. I met up with my dear friends for dinner at Anahi and after we had a drink at Wini Jun. It felt a bit like my last birthday when I had dinner there with Mei Hui, Lisa, Miguel and Graham but this time we were joined by my dear friend Robb Young. Everyone has been so busy that this was the first time we really had to relax and see each other.

Miguel Villalobos, Graham Taber, Lisa and Robb Young

Miguel Villalobos (dog by Maurice Renoma) and Robb Young with Mei Hui, Victim

Mei Hui and Robb Young

Before we met RObb went to pick up his special order from Marjan Pejoski and could not understand why his purchase was two sizes smaller than what he ordered.

Miguel Villalobos and Graham Taber

Robb Young and Rafael from IQONS


Robb and Barbara and Graham Taber, Miguel Villalobos were the last faces that I saw tonight.



Diane Pernet

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