Adeline André Closes Paris Haute Couture Week with Apéro at Her Atelier

Adeline André closed out Paris Couture Week Paris in her quiet garden atelier. The runway is an overgrown and unmanicured path where golden sunlight slips through the cracks of the canopy of trees above, casting botanical shadows that dance on the surfaces of her dreamy and elegant collection.

While André’s classical background and impenetrable savoir faire are certainly present, she maintains an impressive contemporary flair- maybe this is what timeless really means. Her use of color, cut, and fabric is all so minimalist yet totally commanding- very Bauhaus. I mean, I’ve never seen an exposed belly button ring look so elegant- especially on a sixty year old woman. By the way her models smile and blush while walking down the “runway”, I imagine they are a collection of friends and family. And with many – if not most- being at least over fifty- it is a strong testament to the power of beauty at all ages. As they walk by I can see how nice it must feel to be seen and celebrated in a world that doesn’t often give older women the flowers they deserve. There is a palatable joy, and perhaps love, in the air. In full, the collection was no less than masterfully tasteful and transcendently elegant, with an atmosphere that illustrated the togetherness, joy, and groundedness essential to achieving such great heights of creative execution. 

Throughout the presentation guests murmur incessantly about how beautiful it all is while smoking cigarettes and drinking champagne. That green is fantastic. Crepe chiffon…Oh and that red- Oh, ha! No, I couldn’t pull that off. Quelle décolletage! She looks incredible, what a charming girl. The shoes are great. Who did the shoes again? Was it her niece? I can’t imagine walking in those. That combination of colors is fantastic. Mhm that’s look number 7, it’s silk, silk crepe. Beautiful. And on and on and on until the end of the show, where this is the first time I have seen everyone on exactly the same page about clapping; That is- instantly, loudly, continuously, and earnestly. I wonder if I hang around for long enough afterwards, maybe she will invite me back for tea.





Rianna Murray

American in Paris. Interested in Art and Fashion.