Seoul Fashion Week S/S09 Day 1

Dear Shaded Viewers,


I am in the super fast paced city of Seoul. After a ten hour flight next to a man that never stopped sneezing until he started snoring, I was a bit tired but happy to arrive at my hotel and see my friend from Tokyo, Akiko.I was planning on relaxing but in 30 minutes Akiko was meeting Shun to go to the Seo Eun Gil show and I decided to join them.


Seo Eun Gil show


Shun, Kim Sarh and Akiko after the Seo Eun Gil show
Shun from Vogue Japan, we were trying to figure out where to go to have dinner

Before we went to dinner we ran into Korean London based Steve J and Yoni P.

They are going to show us their city one of these days.

One of the SFW team suggested a great Vegetarian resto and we could not believe how good it was nor how much food we were served, I think it was about 30 dishes. Mark Eley told me not to blog food….but I cannot resist showing you a few of the dishes.



Breakfast this morning Akiko Hamaoka and Mark Eley

Mark Eley and Akiko

Graham Tabor and Yuni arrived just before Shun left for Tokyo to help Marjan Pejoski for the Dresscamp show.


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