Schiaparelli’s Fall 2023 Couture Show: Daniel Roseberry’s Artistic Odyssey

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Daniel Roseberry’s Schiaparelli was a nod to the world of fine art, drawing inspiration from luminaries such as Lucian Freud and Yves Klein, the artists that have inspired him over time.Some of the enormous volumes were highlighted by Klein’s iconic cobalt blue.

Accessories which are always a highlight in a Schiaparelli collection included wooden beaded arms and necklaces reminiscent of artist’s mannequins and Alberto Giacometti sculptures.

The front row at Schiaparelli is always a part of the spectacle, this season the cameras put a focus on Cardi B in an hourglass dress accompanied by a chunky bolero and tubular mohair fringe. Although there were no animal heads this season there was a primal essence coursing through the collection.




Diane Pernet

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