Theater of the Mind at KidSuper SS24



Demystifying creativity, destructuring the assemblage of perspectives – Colm Dillane revives the duality of forming ideas—a singular approach for tormented minds, perhaps your daily dose of realism and cognitive dissonance. This season, we immerse into a thought-provoking momentum of fashion, culture, and art.


Mesdames, Messieurs, welcome to the world where the concept of time is an abstract notion, a show where temporality is subjective – what is 6 pm anyways? Just as on Beyonce’s Renaissance tour, half of New York showed up praising the man behind the rejuvenescence of creative thinking. The event location has spread out twice around the world – undoubtedly, succeeding in entering was one of your most outstanding week achievements.


Lights off at the neoclassicism Théâtre de l’Odéon, once Marie-Antoinette’s favorite, now hosting on stage Bronx native rapper Lil Tjay. What a time to be alive. KidSuper’s Colm Dillane theater debut revives an eclectic approach to fashion and creativity. The designer brilliantly transposes the brand DNA into a fashion mantra, exulting a collection combining art, colors, prints, and collages. A play in one act – from Broadway to Paris – depicting a recollection of thoughts, concepts, and his inner vision. The audience is on an odyssey to the unknown “What did just happen?”.


Titled “How To Find an Idea,” KidSuper’s theatrical play is an ode to eccentricity, reaffirming his endeavor to tackle fashion principles. The protagonist juxtaposes contemporary fashion and streetwear resulting in a hybrid collection: artwork-printed coats, patchwork, and textured ensembles. KidSuper is high on tailoring, unveiling an infinite spectrum of suits enhanced with paintings, ornaments, and futuristic motifs. The abundance of pigments and color patterns play a predominant role in the collection – a whimsical dive into the metaverse. Once again, Colm Dillane’s anthology of visual stimulation and eccentricity echoes our minds.



Melissa Alibo

Raised between Paris and the rest of the world, Melissa likes to define herself as a contemporary nomad. Less routine, more life is her motto. Curiosity has always driven her desire to explore new environments, cultures, and ways of life.