A Harmonious Collision of Youthfulness and Sophistication at BLUEMARBLE SS24 PFW by Leticia Dare


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BLUEMARBLE SS24: A Harmonious Collision of Youthfulness and Sophistication.

Anthony Alvarez’s BLUEMARBLE SS24 show in Paris transcended boundaries, whisking us away to a realm where the vibrancy of youthfulness effortlessly melded with the elegance of sophistication. Celebrating its fifth anniversary, the brand embarked on a captivating exploration of individuality, resulting in a collection that radiated unbridled creativity and a vivid tapestry of influences.

Drawing inspiration from the intertwined worlds of California’s skate and surf cultures, Alvarez skillfully captured the carefree spirit that defines the West Coast. This season, BLUEMARBLE’s offerings evolved beyond their origins, taking on new forms in the fashion capital of Paris, resonating with style aficionados worldwide.

The collection was a stunning embodiment of contrasts, seamlessly blending youthful tailoring with an eclectic array of everyday garments. Alvarez fearlessly played with proportions, defying conventions and embracing a daring color palette that elevated the designs to unprecedented heights. Chartreuse yellow and dusty cobalt breathed life into the pieces, while the silhouettes gracefully swung between boxy and cropped, oversized and lengthened. Alvarez’s stroke of genius came in the form of hidden zippers discreetly placed behind jacket lapels, allowing surf hoodies to cascade nonchalantly over the shoulders, infusing an intriguing sense of ease.

BLUEMARBLE’s signature classics underwent imaginative transformations, adorned with bespoke embellishments that celebrated individuality like never before. A windbreaker exuded a rugged allure with hiking boot lacing, while classic stripe shirts shimmered with ethereal starbursts, transporting us to ethereal realms. The rebellious spirit emanated from message T-shirts adorned with cascading chains, while an open work shirt secured with a skate belt buckle seamlessly merged subcultures. And let us not overlook the irresistible allure of a supple leather warm-up jacket that elevated casual wear to luxurious heights.

The collection danced with motifs inspired by flora and fauna, infusing it with a wild and untamed energy. Hibiscus artwork, whether in the form of rhinestones embellishing board shorts or airbrushed onto coordinated looks and knitwear, injected a trippy freshness into the designs. Graphic patterns reminiscent of ribbed long john layers added depth, while the audacious juxtaposition of leopard spots created a captivating visual contrast.

A subtle touch of superstition reverberated throughout the collection, as Alvarez deftly wove in symbolic references. The Eye of Saint Lucie, represented by spiral shell studs on ozone-treated cargo pants, alluded to good fortune, while the presence of a toad on relaxed pieces hinted at serendipity. Notably, BLUEMARBLE introduced its first basketball jersey, proudly displaying the number 19—a milestone that marked the brand’s audacious foray into uncharted territories.

Footwear became an artistic expression through a collaboration with renowned Italian brand Diemme. Alvarez’s visionary concepts materialized in hybrid skate-inspired mules, adorned with hiking eyelets and a removable, oversized tongue—a daring fusion that pushed the boundaries of convention. Plump and playful thong sandals boasted wraparound lacing, reimagining a timeless staple with a refreshing twist. Lastly, the radical wave sunglasses, crafted in wearable acetate, added an avant-garde touch, providing the perfect finishing touch to the ensembles.

BLUEMARBLE’s SS24 collection took us on an exhilarating journey through realms of joyful nostalgia. It extended an invitation to all who embrace self-expression with a discerning eye and an everlasting youthful spirit. Alvarez’s artistry and his ability to seamlessly merge influences created a sartorial adventure that left us yearning for more. With BLUEMARBLE, age became irrelevant as the brand fearlessly defied conventional notions of masculinity, offering a resounding celebration of individuality. This collection proved that the convergence of youthfulness and sophistication knows no bounds.




Leticia Dare

Leticia Dare is the Fashion Director for ASVOF.