Egonlab Presents Their Eighth Collection, “Toute Première Fois”


Egonlab presented their eighth and latest collection, “Toute première fois” at a dark auditorium in Montmartre, golden lights outlined the catwalk which kicked off with a loud THX Deep Note- you know, that drawn out synthesized crescendo that plays before the beginning of a movie. Out strutted a slew of refreshingly sexy and slinky, sultry and kind of kinky looks that could go from dance floor to bedroom with the blink of a silver smokey eye. These clothes are letting the body do all the talking. 

Pieces which stood out include a black double breasted blazer with immaculately tailored cutouts that frame the models pecs, gray trousers with a low-rise built in garter belt that sways with every step, a sumptuous brown leather bomber jacket with a peplum tie waist that has me craving a bar of chocolate, and even jeans that are designed to intentionally expose and highlight the crack are making me wish there were a sexier word for that part of the body! The pieces are coupled with feathered collars, giant fur bags, and oversized black-out sunglasses. More forgiving cuts are cleverly reinforced with fleshy mesh overlays that redefine the body’s shape. Egonlab has accomplished coupling y2k silhouettes and subtle subversion with timeless elegance and sex-appeal to create an impressive collection of pieces that redefine and reclaim contemporary sensuality. It’s glam, understatedly fresh and artfully executed. 

“An inner exploration that involves exploring the body we discover, defying gender, and revealing forms. For the upcoming spring, bodies are blossoming like the ‘flower of evil.’ … A new masculinity lies before us.  It is time to embrace it, to embrace the body that draws us in. Man yesterday, feminine today, it doesn’t matter. In the puzzle of life, all combinations are winners.”

Rianna Murray

American in Paris. Interested in Art and Fashion.