Mending for Good, a holistic approach to redefining honest fashion in order to create social impact and positive change in fashion

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In a time when the fashion industry is focused on sustainability and how we all should start thinking about “who made your clothes” and other social issues. Mending for Good is a consulting agency offering creative ethical solutions to brands and designers for issues of waste and excess stock. Part of those solutions are linked to social cooperatives and artisans through their network .

Mending for Good attempts to redefine the meaning of honest fashion by bringing together the world of luxury fashion with highly skilled artisans from social cooperatives, ‘mending’ acquires a broader meaning. Their services include proposals to re-make, re-purpose, re-craft excess raw materials and collections. Included in these services are: specific advice on creative waste-processing and excess-production opportunities. Among other things Mending for Good offers technical and design management of collaborations with textile cooperatives and artisans as wellas co-marketing and story telling to create a buzz around cultural projects.

Mending for Good includes young italian artisans and makers as part of their network of highly-skilled artisans of social cooperatives. Techniques that they employ include: hand embroidery, manual and machine knitting and crochet, hand weaving, manual plisse, hand painting on fabric and leather, applique and patchwork as well as deconstruction and remaking.

The team includes:

Barbara Guarducci-a designer and creative director and is involved in textile and textile crafts design. Over the years she has coordinated numerous projects around the world, working for various United Nations agencies and NGOs. Her highly innovative collaborations have always had the aim of connecting the artisan world with the fashion industry, creating opportunities through creativity and craftsmanship for people with situations of social fragility. Through her collaboration with the Zegna Foundation, Barbara is a creative consultant for the weaving department of the San Patrignano Community and has supervised special collaborations with leaders in the fashion and design sector. She has been collaborating with Textile View magazine for many years. Her passion and determination in creating projects that create social impact and a positive change in fashion make Barbara an inspiration and a driving force behind Mending for Good.

Saskia Terzani-has worked for over twenty years in the luxury fashion realm. She began her career with Gucci during the heady Tom Ford years, then moved to Hong Kong and Milan for Prada. Under Hedi Slimane, she held the role of Commercial Director of Dior Homme in Paris, steered the commercial success of Issa, and most recently served as Global Sales Director for Victoria Beckham in London. She now holds the role of Business Strategist for Varana, an Indian brand rooted in the values of sustainability. Saskia’s deep commercial experience, global perspective and extensive network within the industry, is the perfect fit to enable Mending for Good’s vision.

Alessandra Favalli- an experienced strategic marketeer. She started working for Ford and then as marketing manager for some big international corporations. In 2011 she attended one of the first Master on Sustainability and decided to dedicate her expertise to those companies and brands willing to turn into a more sustainable business. In the past few years she has worked as marketing and sustainability strategist in the field of Fashion supporting purpose driven brands as Progetto Quid, a social enterprise employing mainly women from a disadvantaged past and DèPio Italian Factory, an established hosiery actively supporting artists and the cultural Italian heritage. Alessandra’s multifaceted professional training is an essential element to be able to face the challenges of the projects followed by Mending for Good

Creative Direction: Bethany Williams
Director of Photography: Christina Ebenezer
Photographer’s Assistant: Nathan Ford
Stylist: Ola Ebiti
Illustrator, Set Illustration and Model: Melissa Kitty Jarram
MUA: Rebecca Davenport
Hair Stylist: Lauraine Bailey at Evolved Artists
Knitwear: Alice Morell Evans, Manusa for Mending for Good
Manifesto: The Honest Fashion Manifesto:



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