Dior by Kim Jones pays hommage to the early days of Yves Saint Laurent at the house of Dior

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Cheering crowds were waiting for the K-Pop stars like Jimin to arrive. I was talking to an editor from the Face and she said nothing like these crowds ever happens in London at the shows. Every Dior by Kim Jones collection that I assisted at has huge numbers of fans just waiting to catch what ever they can of the highly awaited Dior show. This season was an hommage to Yves Saint Laurent’s days at Dior after the death of Christian Dior. The soundtrack had Robert Pattinson and Gwendoline Christie reciting T.S. Eliot’s  The Waste Land.

The romantic, pristine tailored collection would look as good on a man or a woman. Immaculate tailoring mixed with sea farer looks and padded vests that looked like life jackets. Maybe that made sense since there was a death of Christian Dior mood contrasted with the injection of new blood by the young Yves Saint Laurent. It was 1950’s references but catapulted into today. Trousers were slouchy and voluminous some with floating transparent ribbons. I fell in love with one grey swing coat that would appeal to a woman as well as a man. Knit wear was outstanding either with embellished textures or flat and slim with an embroidered lily of the valley. All in all it was quietly elegant in contrast to the total chaos that was taking place outside. I could not resist posting the video above so could get the full effect.




Diane Pernet

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