A salute to the artisan behind the re-creation of the Madonna bustier for Olivier Rousteing for Jean Paul Gaultier Couture by Robert Mercier

Dear Shaded Viewers

Couture celebrates the artisans behind the scenes. I met Robert Mercier when Marco de Rivera introduced him to me for the ASVOFF 13 trophies. I wanted to share this personal thank you from Robert Mercier to the Gaultier team and to Olivier Rousteing. Mercier is known for his moulding of leather, couture would not exist without the artisans that make the dreams of the creators a reality.
Below is the thank you from Robert Mercier:
“Je ne peut pas traduire le bonheur que ça m’a procurer de fabriquer de cette pièce historique.
Quand Olivier m’a annoncé que c’est moi qui allait reproduire une copie conforme du bustier de Madonna avec mon savoir faire et ma technique, je n’en revenait pas.
Je remercie toutes l’équipe Gaultier pour leurs gentillesse, Olivier pour sa bonne humeur et sa confiance et Eddy pour ses conseils et son soutien !”
Robert Mercier
Merci Merci Merci💗💗💗💗💗
“I can’t express how happy I was to make this historic piece.
When Olivier told me that I was going to make a copy of Madonna’s bustier with my knowledge and technique, I couldn’t believe it.
I would like to thank all the Gaultier team for their kindness, Olivier for his good mood and his confidence and Eddy for his advice and support!”
Robert Mercier
Thank you Thank you Thank you💗💗💗💗💗

Above are the images from the Satin leather moulding.
Exact reproduction of Kim Kardashian’s chest.

All hail to the artisans.
Diane Pernet

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