Landing in Paris for the first time after the pandemic, Hiroaki Sueyasu of KIDILL makes its physical presentation show debut on Paris official calendar. “Everybody has this very first moment of being drawn into fashion, music, art or any culture that stimulates one’s sensibility.  For us, at least for myself, I just firmly confirmed that there is something on a personal level that one never forgets when encountered at formative times.”

After moving the presentation to Paris, Sueyasu says that his punk background that is in his core is strengthening, and the 2023 SS collection is following more precisely the base mentality that lies in KIDILL and the rejoining of past works has been the foothold of this collection.  Resurfacing the Do it yourself spirit in the earliest of punk and hardcore in the overall underground culture that still fascinates the designer, closing in on expressing the dark side of humans in the dawn of the horror movies, skate videos of the freedom oriented boys with non alternative spirit and creativity are those of many.

There was a reassurance of the fact that after a few decades, the things I have been purely impressed is that there the foreverness and that this is tied up to the central core of my mindset.  The inclusion of a psychedelic mood in this season’s title HELL HAUS is not only the disturbance of the mood but is the house where his inspiration resides, the statement of his never changing mindset.

A personal and specific processing is reflected on fabric choices and direct expression on fabricating with dyeing, has impacted the elemental mindset of this collection. Perceiving the reminisce of simplicity provides a definite meaning to each item making an acute progression.  Furthermore, the past collaborations that connects with the brand’s true worth has stepped out further in the sense of sharing of the minds creating a definitive community.

The encounter with Antwerp-based graphic designer Tom Tosseyn was decisive. Sueyasu says, “Through our communication, there was a definitive match of our senses, a resonance that only resonates and was reaffirmed that the unity of senses, the energy that only resonance can give off, is indispensable and essential in the search for newness.” He is convinced that collaboration with creators who share the same sensory experience of “extreme infatuation,” no matter how large or small the scale, will open up the future of KIDILL.

After several years of the peculiar times, our minds, which do not necessarily follow an algorithm, are still in a constant state of flux. We are faced with a reality of our own. This season, the enduring proposition that has become clear to me is that, “ my mind is repeatedly ruminating on who I am, and perhaps it can also be called the discovery of an ‘unseen truth’.” It could also be called the discovery of an ‘invisible truth.’ Through his collection, he reveals that he continues to believe in the strength that only he can possess while invoking his own background without a second glance. Sueyasu spoke of his destiny to continue creating with a definite resonance.

Show Director : Michio Hoshina *PLANKTON Stylist : Tatsuya Shimada Live Music : Tot Onyx Hair : Yui Hirohata Make-up : Kanako Yoshida Casting : Taka Arakawa, Jose Maria *ALTER Production : Devi Sok Photos : Kyohei Hattori Writer : Tatsuya Yamaguchi Show Coordinator : Azusa Nozaki International Press : Ritual Projects Japan Press : Sakas PR International Sales : Kohei Sato Support : Tokyo Fashion Award Artwork : Tom Tosseyn, maya Shibasaki Collaboration : MINEDENIM, CA4LA, DOLLSSAN, Malcolm Guerre, rurumu: All Shoes : PHILEO *DOVER STREET MARKET PARIS Movie Director : Idan Barazani Movie Producer : Taka Arakawa Music : Tot Onyx Edit : HazukiC_C Models : Leo Spook, Jean, Sony B, Rico, Rabina, Yolanda, Yannis, Naïma, Ylva, Marcos Montoya *FEVER management, Jacques, Eliot C, Azael A, Andrè Martinez *THE CLAW, Youssou Camara THE CLAW, Charles Edouard *FRVER management KIDILL Designer : Hiroaki Sueyasu

Diane Pernet

A LEGENDARY FIGURE IN FASHION and a pioneer of blogging, Diane is a respected journalist, critic, curator and talent-hunter based in Paris. During her prolific career, she designed her own successful brand in New York, costume designer, photographer, and filmmaker.