Bloom in Color Vernissage by Sophie Delaporte – Experience Petals of Color in Motion | Text & Images by Nafiseh Soolari

Dear Shaded Viewers,

To encapsulate the color of a petal, it’s form, the softness and it’s motion when it moves is something Sophie Delaporte manages to do flawlessly. When you step inside the intimate setting you see waves of color—

Royal purples,

Sun drenched yellows,

a magnificent cherry red,

And pink like cotton candy

Move closer to the images and you see how she beautifully captures motion by seeing petals drenched, the colors moving like the fabric sways in the image right beside it—

It’s then, then when you can really feel the essence of what it means to see a flower with your senses.

Thank you for your gift to our eyes Sophie!



Nafiseh Soolari

Nafiseh Soolari is a creative consultant, writer and photographer— "I love translating the beauty I see in all the moments around me, people, places, things; and I aspire to share my vision: to create a single moment for me and you to connect and realize what this amazing world has to offer..."