Bluemarble -Journey Through the California Desert with Parisian Shades SS’23 Text by Nafiseh Soolari

Dear A Shaded View Readers,

Welcome to the psychedelic vision of Anthony Alvarez, hippy graphics juxtaposed against tailored sportswear. Put on these jewel encrusted everyday pants and remind yourself you’ve got a lot to offer the world! Finely raw edged hem details layered with studded ensembles glitter in the light as you move so that you might carry the music with you as you cross the room. Everywhere you look, pyschedelics abound and the new collection embodies the brand’s aesthetic of streetwear, high fashion, and workwear for the vision of a new expression for all. Trench coats with scarves can make a statement too, but of course, its the perfect ode to Paris! But I’ll have you know, it’s the faux tattoo shapes in colors that highlight the clothes on the models that make you break into a smile. Oh and it’s the shoes with the detailed lacing—like pretty icing on a cake, that most certainly have my heart. 

We always need a reminder that ease and eccentricity can, and should in fact, coexist. It is necessary to know there can always be space for fantasy. We all need reminders—some of us in the form of a sparkle, or others in the swirl of psychedelics, to never forget to see magic in the mundane. 

Merci for giving us your vision of a new Paris attitude Anthony.



Nafiseh Soolari

Nafiseh Soolari is a creative consultant, writer and photographer— "I love translating the beauty I see in all the moments around me, people, places, things; and I aspire to share my vision: to create a single moment for me and you to connect and realize what this amazing world has to offer..."