The Dark Candy docu-series: ”Meet the Costume Designers’’ directed by Sakis Lalas

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It is always interesting to get the costume designer’s perspective on how they work with director’s and how they create the characters that you see in films and t.v. series. The Dark Candy has put together a series of 10 episodes (15 min. each) all directed by Sakis Lalas. Hollywood Costume Designers take you behind the scenes of films like  Io sono l’Amore (I am Love), The Blues Brothers, Spiderman No way Home and The Assassination of Gianni Versace.

Below is the complete list of costume designers in the 10 episodes:

Episode 1

Deborah Nadoolman Landis (director’s John Landis wife),

the Oscar nominated costume designer of The Blues Brothers, Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark, Coming to America and Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

Episode filmed at her office at UCLA, Los Angeles.

Episode 2

Sanja Hays,

the Costume Designers Guild Award-nominated costume designer of Spiderman No way Home, Captain Marvel, Star Trek Beyond, the Fast & Furious saga, Star Trek Insurrection, The Mummy.

Episode filmed at Film Illusions Costume House in Los Angeles

Episode 3

Lyn Paolo,

the Emmy-awarded costume designer of the tv shows Inventing Anna, Scandal, E.R, Shameless, American Kingdom.

Episode filmed on the set of the tv show “Scandal” in Los Angeles.

Episode 4

Lou Eyrich,

the Emmy-awarded costume designer of the Tv shows The Assassination of Gianni Versace, American Horror Story, Hollywood, Pose, Ratched.

Episode filmed at Palace costume house in Los Angeles.Episode 5

Antonella Cannarozzi,

the Oscar-nominated costume designer of Io sono l’Amore (I am Love) , In Treatment, Hungry Hearts, My Brilliant Friend tv show.

Episode filmed at Peruzzi costume house in Rome.

Episode 6

Jenny Eagan,

costume designer of True Detective & Knives Out.

Episode filmed at Western Costume house in Los Angeles.

Episode 7

Marilyn Vance,

the Oscar-nominated costume designer of The Untouchables, Pretty Woman, Die Hard, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Breakfast Club.

Episode filmed at Anto’s showroom in Los Angeles.

Episode 8

Carlo Poggioli,

the Emmy-nominated costume designer of Cold Mountain, Youth, Divergent, Loro, The Young Pope & The New Pope tv shows.

Episode filmed at his home in Rome.

Episode 9

Jany Temime,

the Bafta-nominated costume designer of The Harry Potter saga, Gravity, James Bond 007 Skyfall, 007 Spectre, Judi, Black Widow.

Episode filmed in Cinecittà studios wardrobe department in Rome.

Episode 10

Cate Adair,

the Emmy-nominated costume designer of Beverly Hills Cop III, Desperate Housewives, The Man in the High Castle tv shows, The Son.


directed by Sakis Lalas

written by Valentina De Giorgi

produced by The Dark Candy Productions

post-production by Prime Entertainment Group (Paris, Los Angeles)

executive producer Martine Melloul Kali Pictures (Los Angeles)

executive producer  Prime Entertainment Group (Paris, Los Angeles)

distribution Prime Entertainment Group (Paris, Los Angeles)



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