Ready to dine with Burberry LFW FW 22/23 – text by Leticia Dare


Dear Shaded Viewers,


It felt like a celebration with the anticipation back to a full runway show for Burberry and Riccardo did not disappoint. As we entered the darkened room, there was no seating but instead we were encouraged to stand around multiple dining tables that were set with a complete three-course fine dining layout. Tisci’s wish was to remove the labels we at times feel forced to conform too or live by and everyone to be equals in the space. Then from above it began, from the darkness into the light a full orchestra played and were also accompanied by a large 100-strong choir and it felt cleansing. First came out the men, with a strong focus on outerwear and longer lengths with a sporty and military twist. Classic Tisci but refreshed. Then the women’s show began, as models walked through the crowd and then climbed atop of the dining tables that lit up and glowed. It was beautiful, it was dramatic and it was extremely intimate. The highlight was the gowns with some made from trench coats, others quilted fabrics to my favourite an electric yellow feathered gown. Tisci brought back his personal touch with bejeweled faced models reminiscent of his Givenchy days but recreated for Burberry in its own unique way. The trench was also reworked with pleating and a polka dot print and traditional Burberry codes remolded the Tisci way. I particularly loved the baseball caps with the Alice headbands on both men’s and women’s looks – part equestrian, part streetwear.





Leticia Dare

Leticia Dare is the Fashion Director for ASVOF.