Weinsanto – Murder in Paris opens Paris Fashion Week photos by Etienne Tordoir

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Weinsanto opened the Paris Fashion Week with the roll of the dice and a sexy, club kid who done it. Adriana Pagliai, a friend of Weinsanto, created a print like a deck of cards of his muse girlfriends. So the underlying question was who is the murderess and who is the victim. On view were signature asymmetrical cuts and shapes on an array of provocative models in “Medusa” headdresses in feathers married to kites. Denim is a staple of Weinsanto, lingerie looks were abundant. A fun look was the Black Widow gown with a draped headpiece that becomes the dress. Watching the catwalk I was imagining my friend Dita Von Teese in some of the pieces, for sure she fit the mood.




Diane Pernet

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