AIREI A/W PFW Los Angeles brand designed by Drew Curry at 35/37

Dear Shaded Viewers,

A/W ‘22: PLIGHT Title:



Plight embodies the challenge and struggle of design and beauty in life. Rejecting conformity, Plight highlights a unique experience with protection and limitation in each piece.

Glory is in the struggle and pushing through limits, even in plight.

The LA based brand AIREI presented their collection via an installation, a glass box containing three looks inside  and performance at 35/37 in Paris. 35/37 is the umbrella organisation created by DSM Paris/Comme des Garcons’ to nurture and support creative talent. Drew Curry is the designer behind the brand AIREI and, in collaboration with Cashmere Cat, the performance took place with an immersive sculpture and a sound experience.

Drew Curry’s use of threads in his brand AIREI has both literal and abstract meaning.  The silhouettes chosen for the installation are double layered silhouettes creating a “shadow” garment that can not be fully taken off – Drew describes the more abstract meaning in these pieces as the idea of “walking through a difficult or painful experience together, we build compassion and kinship with each other.”

Since the first collection was made entirely from natural Khadi cotton, this season covers a variety of colours and textures including new applications of woven strips of Khadi and Kantha blankets. Japanese wool, cotton, cotton denim, and cupra in blacks, browns, and reds create a symphony of color and texture to the touch. Italian Alpaca and Merino wool sweaters and accessories along with a new Italian recycled cashmere and wool mix are new to this collection.

AIREI’S “Ghost” stitching appears again this season to reveal the words “Glory” and “hold on to me”. AIREI is adding a level of customer involvement to some of the garments in this collection – when they are purchased, the wearer will have to cut the openings of the pieces that were hand stitched together in order to wear the garment. AIREI’s themes of protection and restriction are shown through body-enveloping pieces including cocoon-like parkas and floor-length skirts.




Diane Pernet

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