Yellow Rose & Chicken Turtle by Ivo Barraza Castaneda S/S 2022

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Ivo Barraza Castaneda, Paris based Salvadorian fashion designer, went back to his home town to present his first menswear collection which he dedicated to his mother who would have celebrated her 53rd birthday October 12th. SheΒ  died of COVID19.Β  The Yellow Rose representsΒ  his mother Hilda Carolina Castaneda, it was her favourite flower.

This is the first menswear collection for the brand that was launched in Paris in March 2021. The Chicken Turtle man represents the designer himself which is young in spirit, creative, responsible for his own destiny, friendly, passionate and a dreamer.

Silhouettes are oversized and square-cut. All textiles are sustainable working mainly with “dead stock” from INCONFESA, one of the biggest manufacturers in El Salvador, produced most of the pieces. The colours reflect the dawn in El Salvador and his spirit with the sunny yellow of Yellow Rose. The signature Chicken Turtle is embroidered in thread, hand-dyed with a minimalist Rothko look and modules reminiscent of rose stems, created in black.



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Diane Pernet

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