A chat with designer Lars Nilsson about his collection of bedding for Hastens.

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Years ago on a press trip to Stockholm I discovered the best beds on the planet made by Hastens. I was at the check out desk when the clerk asked me how my stay was. I told him that I had the best nights sleep ever and then he went on to tell me why. The secret, Hastens beds which are made entirely of natural material including the secret , I believe, horsehair. The beds have been in the same family for generations and they were always created with the same thought in mind, how to provide the best crafted bed that will provide you with a magical nights sleep. The beds are guaranteed for 25 years. It was design week in Paris and my friend Lars Nilsson had created a selection of, I believe, six different designs of bedding. I stopped by to visit him, play the video above and he will show you his work and even a case that shows you what goes into the making of the most perfect bed. While I was in the showroom, our friend J. Alexander or Miss J,  an American  reality television personality and runway coach best known for his work on America’s Next Top Model passed by.




Diane Pernet

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