The Thom Browne Fall Wardrobe featured with actor David Harbour and artist Anh Duong photos by Tina Barney at the Teviotdale House

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Thom Browne featured with actor David Harbour and artist Anh Duong. The series of images was shot by iconic photographer Tina Barney at the Teviotdale House in upstate New York.


Focusing on David and visual artist Anh Duong, we watch the couple interact throughout their daily life in the Teviotdale house. Room by room, we witness their camaraderie as they make Thom Browne’s classic grey suits their own – championing the timelessness of the wardrobe mixed with their unique personalities.

The Thom Browne Fall Wardrobe

…welcome home…


David Harbour (Black Widow, Stranger Things, No Sudden Move) stars in a portfolio of images for Thom Browne, shot by Tina Barney at the iconic house Teviotdale in upstate New York. Through the images and lm, Thom Browne references classic ideas of American painting, reinterpreting the expected in his own way, and showing his tailoring on di erent types of people. In this context, we are introduced to the core collection of Thom Browne men’s and women’s offerings.


Upon arrival at Teviotdale, we are greeted by a man (Harbour) and a woman (played by renowned artist Anh Doung) in the driveway of the grand, beloved home. The house is an extension of the couple. Its personi ed presence is a result of their long, caring relationship. This couple has been together through everything. He knows what she is thinking, and she knows what he will say before he says it. As we follow the couple into the house, they proceed with the quiet pattern of life. Room by room, we are witness to their companionship. They take care of the house and of each other. At times, they are silent, in their own individual worlds. But they always come back together.


they love to be together … and they hate to be alone …

they hate to be together … and they love to be alone …


When developing the project, Thom Browne was looking for a man and a woman who would bring their own identities to his men’s and women’s core o ering. David and Anh are both true individuals: talented, con dent, kind, interesting, sincere. The classic grey tailoring becomes their own. They reinterpret the clothing for their own lives, and in the clothing, they are true to themselves. Through the lens of iconic American photographer Tina Barney, they bring to life a unique chapter of the Thom Browne world.


About Thom Browne

Thom Browne is widely recognized for challenging and modernizing today’s uniform: the suit. By questioning traditional proportions, Browne’s designs consistently convey a true American sensibility rooted in quality craftsmanship and precise tailoring. In 2001, Browne began his business with ve suits in a small “by appointment” shop in New York City’s West Village and, in the years following, expanded his business to include complete ready-to-wear and accessories collections for both men (2003) and women (2011).Browne has also become known for his highly conceptual runway presentations which have gained global attention for their thought provoking and dramatic themes and settings. Browne has been honored with the CFDA Menswear Designer of the Year Award (2006, 2013, 2016), the GQ Designer of the Year (2008), the FIT Couture Council Award (2017) as well as the Cooper Hewitt National Design Award (2012).His designs are recognized by museums around the world including the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art, the Victoria & Albert Museum, the Costume Museum at Bath and the Mode Museum Antwerpen. The brand is currently o ered in over 300 leading department store and specialty boutique doors across 40 countries and through 68 retail stores, agships and shop-in-shops with a projected 78 in 2021 in key cities such as New York, London, Milan, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and Seoul.

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