BBC Podcast – The Missing Cryptoqueen – the search for Ruja Ignatova, the cryptocurrency magnate and ‘expert in dealing in the grey area of life’, whose One Coin business was in fact a multi-billion-dollar scam

Dear Shaded Viewers,

I’m a bit late finding this podcast but it is compulsive listening, the story of Ruja Ignatova and her One Coin crypto currency scam. The Missing Crypto Queen is an eight-part podcast that delves into the ongoing saga of Bulgarian entrepreneur Dr. Ruja Ignatova who in 2014 launched a cryptocurrency called OneCoin. Her idea was to rival BitCoin and hooked investors from 175 countries to the tune of $4 billion. But..OneCoin was an enormous scam fuelled by a multi-level marketing scheme. Her followers worshiped her. Ignatova disappeared in October 2017 and hasn’t been seen since. Ignatov’s brother pleaded guilty to several counts of fraud in a US court, her American lawyer was found guilty of laundering $400 million of the money raised by OneCoin in the US. Jamie Bartlett and Georgia Catt are the co-writers of the podcast.

Both the comments by Jamie Bartlett above and the BBC podcast series are definitely worth listening to.



Diane Pernet

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