A new ‘beauty NFT experience’ between Rook Perfumes and crypto community to scent the Metaverse with agency Lily & Piper launched on May 20th


Dear Shaded Viewers,

– A new scent for the Metaverse is being created by the crypto community and perfume
enthusiasts with London perfume house Rook Perfumes
– Scent The Metaverse is being launched as a limited edition NFT experience on leading
platform KnownOrigin, and is the first of its kind
– As part of the experience, NFT holders will hold creator rights to the final scent produced
– It is designed as one of the first NFT experiences to bridge a product with the Metaverse and
the real world, as a 4-month experience for purchasers to learn more about perfume
Founded in 2018 in the UK by Nadeem CroweRook Perfumes is an independent, niche fragrance house based in London. Their luxury perfumes are made with only quality ingredients and are compounded in the United Kingdom. None of their fragrances are tested on animals.
At the heart of Rook Perfumes is the Rook triangle. At its most basic level it represents the top, middle and base notes which make up a scent. “The unity of notes in a scent is very fragile and changing one element can tip the balance,” says Nadeem.
Rook Perfumes, in collaboration with NFT experience agency Lily & Piper, are offering the opportunity to join expert perfumers and designers to produce a seminal unisex perfume with the freshest and finest ingredients. This is a never before seen 4-month NFT experience for the NFT community, to create and own the scent for the Metaverse together. As part of the reasonably priced ticket, participants in the experience will receive creator rights to the final scent.
Unisex brand -Rook Perfumes offer a permanent collection as well as regular “scent experiments” which use social media platforms to create scents inspired by the community for the community. The Rook collection is available for purchase in the UK, Europe, USA and Asia. 


This is an example to outline intent only. Rooks intent is for everyone to get a share of creator rights while it maintains responsibility for the product. This is our vision for how we believe this could be implemented together as a DAO.

  1. BigCo wants to buy the Metaverse perfume outright. Community notified to hear objections as best possible. Profits from the purchase get split Rook 51-49 Community.
  2. BigCo wants to buy a limited time license (eg. 10 year) to mass produce and sell the perfume. Community notified to hear objections as best possible. Profits from the purchase get split Rook 51-49 Community.
  3. BigCo buys Rook. BigCo only inherits Rook’s rights. No change or extra charge.
  4. NationalBody declares an ingredient unsafe/illegal prior to the design of the perfume. The ingredient is used and the NationalBody want to know who to charge for putting an illegal ingredient in a perfume supplied to the people of their country. Rook have 100% duty rights so are solely responsible for the perfume and will incur any consequence.
  5. All community members want to sell the perfume to BigCo. Rook is notified. Purchase can only go through with Rooks agreement.
  6. BigCo reverse engineer the perfume for sale. Community & Rook can legally enforce their rights.


Creating an NFT uses about as much computing power as a tweet. It is an exaggeration to imply anything else. This is the only consideration we need to make in regards to our carbon footprint.

Where there is inefficiencies is in the how the network runs in verifying the network. Ethereum (our choice of blockchain of choice) doesn’t need as many validators of the network known as miners as it does.

The 2 groups to be concerned with are: the validators (miners) and the Ethereum developers. Both are more concerned with the problem than some reports will lead you to believe.

Miners have their operations next to power plants with natural excess production and take energy that would normally be zapped into the ground. They aim to not add to the need for capacity of the grid. This makes their energy requirements carbon neutral. This tho is an ideal and not what everyone does.

The Ethereum blockchain developers are on course to end its reliance on miners. In July, the next upgrade will probably reduce the number of miners by half and should have complete the move away completely in 1 year.

Ethereum is the best choice for our project because we believe in the permanence of what we create. We will have created an amazing perfume and we want to be remembered for it forever. Ethereum is the only proven blockchain technology that we can say will last forever.


Diane Pernet

A LEGENDARY FIGURE IN FASHION and a pioneer of blogging, Diane is a respected journalist, critic, curator and talent-hunter based in Paris. During her prolific career, she designed her own successful brand in New York, costume designer, photographer, and filmmaker.