Tiffany Bouelle- Venus Sauvage Exhibition

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Last Friday I visited the “Venus Sauvage” exhibition by the French/Japanese artist, Tiffany Bouelle. It was in her apartment before moving on to the second part of the exhibition at the Atelier Desnouettes. I know Tiffany since she was a child and have happily followed the many dimensions of her artistic career ever since.

The current exhibition involves a group of women living in Paris. In one case there are 3 generations of one family.  The other works of art involve various generations of women. They confess their intimate life stories to the artist who then translates their emotions into abstract paintings. Some are on Khadi fabric collected on a trip to India. In a way this is a continuation of a series of art works that Tiffany did with different women in India and Japan a few years ago.

In one of the images above you can see how the gold was used to repair lives much like the Japanese art of Kintsugi repairs and strengthens broken pottery pieces making them more precious and beautiful. It is an interesting technique that reflects life’s journey. In the images above that are white or black, the textures reflect a life disturbed or more serene. The white canvas crystallises the anguish of its subject and although you might find white a peaceful non-colour, in this case it was the one that I found the most disturbing and the black canvas, a self-portrait of the artist, the most peaceful and serene.

Both rooms were scented, with a mask it was difficult to identify the scent in the first room but the back room had incense commonly used at funerals in Japan. It was like burnt wood, I loved the scent, the room and of course the self-portrait. The emotions revealed in the art works are still on my mind.



Diane Pernet

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