Betony Eco Anxiety/Session Hypnosis Therapy by Betony Vernon

The following hypnotherapy session is designed to eradicate eco-anxiety by interfering with climate related fears on an unconscious level. Climate crisis related anxiety and fear of extinction have become collective emotions and while fear is the most natural reaction to the emergency we are facing today, fear is also our worst enemy. I hope that this audio experience will help you to manage climate related fears and leave you feeling empowered to take part in building a better future for one and for all.

ABOUT THE SESSION The session is designed to connect you to the depths of your inner self, where fear-related emotions may be interfered with on the unconscious level and eradicated. You will always be present. Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness that induces a trance-like state. It permits you to go deep inside your unconscious mind, which happens to represent over 80% of all mental activity. You will feel deeply relaxed, calm and well, during, and long after the experience. •
Take advantage of this therapeutic experience at a time of day in which you will not be disturbed
•  Duration – 30 minutes
•  Use earphones for optimal sound
•  Do not make use of this recording while you are driving, operating machinery or moving about
•  Choose a quiet place where you can lie down and stretch out on your back
•  Make sure that your phone is on airplane mode
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