Shinya Kuraoka and “EAST O TAYORI’ celebrate 10 years after the great earthquake in the Tohoku area in western Japan – IMIM it melts in your mind

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– It melts in your mind –


Triggering all of your senses, IMIM is inspired by the word ‘IMA’, meaning ’Now’ in Japanese. IMIM is an experience for all your senses.


It is a medium that introduces the people related to each one of the project’s sections, from their own perspective, of ‘IMA’(‘Now’), starting with I’m (I AM).


‘It melts in your mind’ is a curated lifestyle inspiration platform showcasing Japanese craftsmanship, culture, fashion, music and visuals, connecting people and focusing on their background stories.


For this launch, named ‘EAST OTAYORI’, we focus on the Tohoku area in western Japan.

After being hit by the great earthquake 10 years ago, IMIM celebrates the development, determination, and beauty of this regions’ traditional products and techniques.


Collaborating with artisans, clothing manufacturers and farmers, Shinya Kuraoka has curated, designed and created the artistic direction for the launch of the project, with the support of the Japanese government, to promote and showcase traditional products in a contemporary mood.


While designing the clothing collection, Shinya Kuraoka took inspiration and influences from the region. As for selecting the product range, he collaborated with farmers that use the same ingredients and techniques since many years.


The brands, companies and artists that are participating are WANSIE Workwear & Uniform for clothes, Sagohachi 358 pickling company, Shimizu Yakusou tea company, Tomatoe Farm Beers company, Kato Farm rice farm, Kinoya canned fish company, Hamakara fishermen company, Mihoishi illustrator and sweets artist and Hikaru Arata musician.


Shinya Kuraoka is a fashion stylist and creative director based between Paris and Tokyo. His origins are in the Tohoku Iwate prefecture of Japan. Working on a project close to his home, he encourages the growth and awareness of this region.

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