Iris Van Herpen in collaboration with Maria Bodil and Post Neon reveal their photo-based series Symbiosis

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Nature and technology and the idea of interconnectedness from the fungi empire dialogue between the terrestrial and the underworld in the latest collaboration of Iris Van Herpen with the creative direction duo Maria Bodil and the creative studio Post Neon in the photo-based series SYMBIOSIS. They have envisioned an alternate reality where nature and technology co-exist in harmony, feeding each other in a sacred balancing act. At the center of their ‘alternate world’ are the structures of mycelium network. This utopian reality is enhanced by the creative studio of Post Neon through the exploration of 3D generative shapes and textures.

The question is can technology and nature exist in a state of symbiosis?

Maria Bodil is a new creative direction duo working at the intersection of photography, film and design. The duo consists of Lieve Maria Eek and Marthe Bodil Vos, Post Neon, a young creative studio based in Amsterdam, explored alternate realities, physical and non psychical spaces in the post-production of this series.


Creative Direction & Photography: Maria Bodil (@maria.bodil) Creative duo consisting of @lieve.eek and @marthebodil

3D Design & Concept: Post Neon (@post.neon)
Art Direction: Kilian Vos (@kilianvos)
Styling: Team Iris van Herpen
Producer: Itai Verhoeckx (@itaiverhoeckx)
Junior Producer: Sascha Bunge (@saschabunge)
Casting Director: Michiel van Maaren (@michielvanmaaren)
Hair Stylist: Latoya Velberg (@latoyavelberg)
Makeup Artist: Marije Koelewijn (@marijekoelewijn)
Gaffer: Rupert Tapper (@ruperttapper)
Best boy: Dennis Erfmann (@denniserfmann)
Electrician: Frank Sturm
Set dresser: Isabel Evangelisti (@isabelevangelisti)
Models: Riva Keuning @rivakeuning (@thecovenmodels), Latoyah Alleyne @latoyahalleyne (@supermodelmanagement) Agency: @underpromiseagency
Eco-Innovation Partner:



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