UNDERCOVER by Jun Takahashi “Creep Very” supported by Rakuten for Japan Fashion Week Photo Credit images from #1 to #27 : EVANGELION (c)khara

Dear Shaded Viewers,

According to Takahashi the theme of the collection he showed today in Tokyo was of  a frail person, weak but has a truly pure heart . Paris has just gone into the third lockdown, but it is a global problem and it is difficult to take yourself out of the everyday anxieties o COVID-19,  the state of the planet and what COVID-19 is doing to the economy so somehow Takahashi put society’s emotional state into the garments that he was designing. I personally saw positive energy with blooming flowers and happiness even though the show was titled “Creep Very” about creeping despair.

I loved the post-apocalyptic robot humanoid head gear with one foot in a cartoon and the other walking through total destruction of the planet.

Frankly, I loved it all the pajama section, he designed the best puffer jackets in a season where everyone did puffers. His romantic ruffles felt like a hydrangea in bloom. The make-up reminded me of the lace veil that Arletty wore in Marcel Carne’s Les Enfant du Paradis with crystal tears . Takahashi succeeded in passing an emotion and that is the success of the collection.
Credit  for the images from #1 to #27 : EVANGELION (c)khara
Diane Pernet

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