Digital Seoul: the STOLEN GARMENT SS2021

Dear Shaded Viewers and Diane,

This year found us all attending Seoul Fashion Week SS2021 from home alone, though with the same feelings of sympathy and camaraderie that have always been offered to international guests and participants. When it came to global representatives in the show, however, the agenda felt suddenly compressed to just a few already located within those designer-brands that happened to fit into the export category.

Seoul based menswear designer, Woo Park, who graduated with honors from Central Saint Martins BA program, took a triumphant flag in his hands under his anecdotal brand name: the STOLEN GARMENT. For a regional market that’s full of consumers seeking the hottest and most recent trends, Woo Park’s the STOLEN GARMENT managed to impeccably divert all viewers into a proposal that took authenticity and wearability to a new level of national pride. There seemed to be a common fixation reflected by all models, almost as though they were determined collectors, like focused long-term representatives of key products with a hint of Korean culture. All of their looks were detached from senseless trends and ornamented by headpieces making it so no one would dare to steal from their identity!

The silhouette of a mailman’s uniform could be seen in the comfy trousers with elastic waist, mac-coats, and oversized, floor length field jackets– all inspired by relaxed shapes. Details like string and button envelope influenced eyelets maintained the letter carrying vibe throughout the entire collection. A quite flattering way of dressing overall, if you think about it. Genuine style can’t be separated from a man whose exploration skills turn him into the most popular vagabond– he will never be considered unoriginal by the likes of us.


Marcelo Horacio Maquieira Piriz.

the STOLEN GARMENT@thestolengarment

Video © Courtesy of Seoul Fashion Week

Oficina Gabardine