Icarius Project , text Stefania Seoni

Dear Diane, dear
shaded viewers,

When I met Icarius De Menezes yesterday, for the first time,  I understood that he  is a deep  person with a powerful creativity.

Many of you , will  remember him as visionary  brasilan  fashion
designer, very young  who presented in  Paris
fduring ashion week  in  the early 2000. He has collaborated with 
Ellus and  was the creative
mind behind  Diesel Black Label .

he is based in Milan  where he
gave life to his new creature , Icarius Project  which functions as an online magazine and at the same time  with a digital
store sectionwhere you can find garments and pieces for sale.  The next step makes the difference : every issue is
focused  on an item  shared with  guests. Icarius project
can be defined as a web platform, a new
format where  the designer  plays the role of artistic  director . And not only that, he  creates real
connections between the various professions involved, you can see all of their portfolios.


Every issue  proposes protagonist  topic content,
guests can participate with different ways of communication. Video makers, photographers, writers, models, artists, sound designers, make up  artists,  musicians, web programmers can all participate. With the open digital factory an artistic space is automatically displayed and generates business as it creates portfolios for all employees, veterans or
emerging talents giving them space and visibility while building a new network with new collaborations.