KCAW launches a fundraising Christmas Exhibition by artists taking part in KCAW Public Art Trail. Including works by LUAP, Liz West, Yinka Ilori, Barnaby Barford, Fiona Grady, Alexander Ikhinde, Olga Lomaka, and many others

This December, to mark their most successful festival to date, Kensington + Chelsea Art Week is celebrating artists who took part in the Public Art Trail and the festival programme for the past 2 editions, in a special, one-of-it’s kind Christmas fundraising exhibition hosted by The Exhibitionist Hotel in South Kensington.


KCAW has shown celebrated artists and creatives including Luap, Yinka Ilori, Alexander Ikhinde, Liz West, Fiona Grady, Alison Jackson,, Dotmaster, Galla Bell and others, to offer artwork for display and for sale with prices starting at £30 and costing no more than £450 for any one work. The pieces will be exhibited at The Exhibitionist Hotel, 8-10 Queensberry Place, London, SW7 2AE from 8 December 2020 to 1 February 2021. An online catalogue will be available from 6 December and posted on kcaw.co.uk website.

Vestalia Chilton said: “So many great artists took part in Kensington + Chelsea Art Week. This is great opportunity to catch them before the year is out, to support them during a trying time and get a meaningful Christmas Present.”

Artist Luap said: ““In a year blighted by isolation and uncertainty, art has become the refuge of so many of us, not just artists, but art lovers too. What better way to celebrate the season of giving than giving joy through inspiration? My art represents a bridge to connection and only comes full circle when it inspires comfort in others, just like Christmas is supposed to, except art is for the whole year. Good for the soul, the mind and the heart.” 


Purchasing will be open from 12 noon on 6 December, on a first come first serve basis. We expect great demand for the artworks many of which editions have sold out.

About The Exhibitionist Hotel

The Exhibitionist Hotel is a revolving artwork where artists draw and paint directly onto the walls. The art programme includes bi-monthly exhibitions accompanied by cutting edge debates and talks open to the public.

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Multidisciplinary, British artist – Paul Robinson who works under the name of LUAP, dynamically fuses together adventure and art through his paintings and photography that tackle issues of mental health, drawing from his own experiences. He takes his adult-size Pink Bear suit to the mountains, surreal landscapes, cities and remote spots in far-away places, juxtaposing them in stark contrast with his central figure The Pink Bear. By employing different mediums and techniques he tackles issues of mental health, the climate and ecological emergency, and isolation head-on. LUAP sells and exhibits his work globally. He has exhibited alongside internationally renowned artists, created bespoke artworks for exclusive Members’ Clubs and works with charities to raise money with a donated print selling for three times the listed price at Christies. Art, believes LUAP, is only completed by emotion. In these times defined by a global pandemic, isolation and life’s precariousness, for the artist there could be no greater joy than to gift comfort in the midst of an uncertain winter. Luap will be donating 20% of sales from selected prints sold at the exhibition to mental health charity CALM.

About KCAW


KCAW is fast on track to becoming one of the most exciting cultural events in London. The festival celebrates and promotes Kensington and Chelsea as a cultural hotspot. KCAW unveils the unexpected, highlights local spirit, and showcases an extraordinary cross section of public art and culture throughout the borough. Developed with community consultation, KCAW shines a spotlight on the area’s unexpected and unique cultural variety across a multitude of studios, museums, galleries, exhibition spaces and businesses, attracting local and international audiences to 100’s of events and installations throughout the borough.


In 2020 the festival was extended from three to 11 days in a two week-long celebration of the borough’s artistic legacy and its abundant creative future. With a focus on public art, KCAW20 installs thought-provoking art installations with expansion of the walking tours programme encompassing food, music, theatre and history – all aimed at creating opportunities to explore this part of London, to discover and experience the borough like never before.



KCAW is proud to present HIGH STREET WINDOWS, a series of site-specific window installations across Kensington, activating local high streets through imaginative interventions by contemporary artists.


The first sites, unveiled this week on High Street Kensington, feature new works by London-based artists Fiona Grady and Ian Kirkpatrick. You can find Nocturne by Ian Kirkpatrick at 193 High Street Kensington.


‘Nocturne’ is a term coined by James Abbott McNeill Whistler to describe a painting evoking the magical spirit of night. This artwork remixes local iconography from past and present into a dreamlike vision of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea at twilight. Combining lost landmarks such as the Crystal Palace with mythological figures inspired by Whistler, Oscar Wilde, Francis Bacon, Charles Ricketts and Aubrey Beardsley, ‘Nocturne’ is a reimagining of the borough’s famous gardens run amok by mischievous dinosaurs, sphinxes, satyrs and fairies.

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