Dear Shaded Viewers & Diane,

Victor Weinsanto’s romantic comedy for spring-summer 2021 prescribes the Paris you just might have missed otherwise– what a great thing that is! It turns out that WEINSANTO is a bijou yet to be discovered.

Hosted at the subterranean Pamela Club’s and looking like his ancient, aqueduct residence, Weinsanto’s mini-show went bananas intoning MUSIC, LIFE, MUSIC, and LIFE. It was all very Hugo’s own housewarming party with models rioting for beauty as the only savior. Are you afraid you didn’t quite catch that? Well, it was more of a pre-game party before heading to an imaginary place where everybody is welcome to dance for life and with life. Remember that? A little dance all alone during that punkish, glorious moment when you poured yourself a glass just prior to arriving in full splendor to your final destination. These days that seems to be located just around the sofa’s corner at our beloved home sweet home ...


And then Nina was born– the hand painted leather bag in collaboration with artist Romain Eugene Camps that doubles as a mini-table (ideal for letting your cocktail rest)


The stupendous appearance of a purple lycra cat-suit shot it to instant stardom and status as freedom’s new symbol. Her crystal bob hairpiece in the show felt like the one to be worn victoriously indoors.

Although he has only just started having fun, what makes WEINSANTO a notorious new brand to keep an eye on is how seriously and carefully he handpicks each quality of his products. Who doesn’t want to be hugged by that manteau in fringed indigo tapestry gobelin? His use of polishing filters is also a liberty he took, being sure to include all the relevant lessons 2020 has taught us all through the entire “Call Me Nina” collection. But he did not forget to mix them with status in fabrics.

All this while managing to connect with all of his potential customers, even when hanging off the chimney hook!


Marcelo Horacio Maquieira Piriz.



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