Aurore Thibout: MUTATIONS – PFW – Tex by Ivo Barraza Castaneda.

Only a few people on the fashion scene can actually captivate you in a truly human way. This is definitely the case of French Fashion Designer Aurore Thibout, who inmerses you entirely into her world of ideas as she talks to you about the hyper precious processes used into all the textiles of her pieces.

Aurore Thibout is known for the use of all natural dyes and very carefully crafted work, that challenge the idea of the contemporary fashion designer who is imagined to create industrial objects only. There is an intensive work of collaboration between Aurore’s artist vision and the mastery of the artisans who participate with her in the creation of her pieces all over the world. Japan, France, where ever the best of experts might be located.

Some of her archive pieces, most of them 1/1 creations are being exhibited at the luxurious hotel Sofitel le Faubourg during the Paris Fashion Week. The show is curated by The Fibery – FiberArtGallery, a Parisian gallery dedicated to the work of textile arts. Most of the pieces in the exhibition are conceived for performance arts, so there is a very physical aspect to them that makes them worth to be contemplated in person. You would without any doubt be eyes wide open as you discover that some of the pieces are made out of woven wood.










Ivo Barraza Castaneda

Hello, my name is Ivo. My three favorite things in life are: Thinking deeply about visual creation. I like having long discussions of ideas that might reinvent the course of history. And finally, spending time with the people I love. Since I was a child, I was always involved in some activity around plastic arts, music and literature. That’s how I learned to sew by hand at the age of five, which later led me to focus on my main professional media: Fashion Design.