UNDERCOVER Spring Summer 2021 – PFW – Text by Ivo Barraza Castaneda.

Undercover created six different scenarios to show their Spring Summer 2021 collection called “The Sixth Sense”. The presentation is almost modest but very authentic to the brand’s DNA. My personal favorite is the second universe where the models are granted super powers such as Turbo flying and laser vision.

The clothes are also curated and distributed very specifically in the different photographies. Very Boho-Bourgoise appropriate, would wear, not much more to say:

  1. Universe 1: Powered looking tie-dye abstract artsy fundamentals.
  2. Universe 2: Fashion Girl big black dress (code).
  3. Universe 3: Fashion Girl big color dress (code).
  4. Universe 4: Easy light work trousers and work jackets.
  5. Universe 5: Oversize streetwear and tailoring.
  6. Universe 6: Graphic jersey.

Apparently they are calling each scenario in their own way: 1: Pablo, 2: 006, 3: P.S., 4: CUTE & MADNESS, 5: coexistence, 6: The Royal Family of the basement. Not in the same order as my review.


Ivo Barraza Castaneda

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