AV VATTEV Spring Summer 2021 – LFW – Text by Ivo Barraza Castaneda.

I am just discovering the work of Antonio Vattev. I feel so excited as I go through the Spring Summer 2021 collection for his brand AV VATTEV. I think it’s an stunning work on ‘How To Present A Collection Online’.

Diane Pernet shared this collection with me this morning, I was very dragged by the first pictures I saw of the collecion. The ones taken with the metal grid. I am shocked by how intelligent and beautiful the idea is. The lighting is thoughtful, the composition is thoughtful. And as I went further and found the more futuristic 3D render images, I was really left with no words. It’s already a golden stage for any collection.

The clothes themselves are pretty neat. The Matisse inspiration for colors and graphics is as Roland Barthes would say “just enought for the petit bourgoise who knows a bit about art to appreciate*”. But come across really great. I have noticed that the whole modernist period is quite on trend on design and fashion right now.




*Roland Barthes-Système de la mode. II-Le système rhetorique, 17.Rhéthorique du signifiant: La Poétique du vêtement, II. Le signifié rhéthorique du vêtement: les modèles: 5. Modèles cognitifs: la “culture”, 269. 1967.





Ivo Barraza Castaneda

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