Bahraini director Saleh Nass’s ‘Symphonies of the Self’

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I just finished attending the Cinema Akil Cine Talks ‘Symphonies of the Self’ with Tarik Omar and was introduced to the Bahraini oud player and composer Hasan Hujairi and the journey to uncover Majeed Marhoon’s long forgotten legacy.

The brain and heart child of Bahraini oud player and composer, Hasan Hujairi, ‘Symphonies of the Self’ is more than a story of a musician, but rather an epic journey underground to uncover Majeed Marhoon’s long forgotten legacy. Meanwhile, it seems as though the air has been in a buzz, and the life energy of this eden island is vibrating an echo of his name, “Majeed Marhoon”; this caged bird is perhaps for the first time, finally flying. Marhoon’s family and friends retell his story through the documentary, including founder of Ajrass Band Mr. Salman Zaiman who was present in the flights and falls of Marhoon’s life & Mr. Khalifa Zaiman, Conductor of the Bahrain Orchestra and a personal friend of Majeed.

The documentary, ‘Symphonies of the Self’, will premiered at Malja Bahrain, narrating to audiences the process of the musical collaborations, as inspired by the nostalgia of Marhoon’s life and journey as a musician and composer. The documentary is directed by award-winning Bahraini director Saleh Nass. ‘Symphonies of the Self’ is a unique musical production framed to observe and preserve the works of the late composer, Majeed Marhoon. A collaboration with the Bahrain Authority for Culture & Antiquities and as part of the Spring of Culture 2016, the project was showcased over two consecutive evenings in the form of a concert on April 8th and April 9th, 2016 in the Bahrain Cultural Hall. For more on Majeed Marhoon and his music:

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