Dear Shaded Viewers,

I could not resist re-posting a film by Raya Farhat. Our hearts go out to the people of Lebanon. It has been an especially difficult year for Raya Farhat. Her film is in the #LOCKDOWN HOME MOVIES but also in the ASVOFF12 competition for short films.

A film by Raya Farhat
Directed By Raya Farhat and Malek Hosny
Starring: Raya Farhat
Shot and edited by :Malek hosny
Art Director: Carma Andraous
Music: Lady Of Sorrows
Produced by : Raya Farhat

Raya moved to France due to endless crises in Lebanon.
During her Confinement in Paris, because of Covid-19, her mum passed away from a heart attack in Beirut. She was unable to attend her funeral due to airport shutdowns.
This film is a tribute to her mother, her way of saying a last goodbye following her father’s footsteps, living a revival of the funeral.

Raya Farhat:
Always clad in black she dabbles in art direction and photography adding her sensually gothic touch to photos and editorial shoots.
She is an award winner visual artist, art director and photographer who works in installation and performance multimedia and print. Founder and Creative director of art in motion a non profit organization for art.

Malek Hosny:
Malek is a self-taught filmmaker. He has worked as a DOP, editor, and director in a wide variety of genres, including cinema, documentaries, commercials, art installations and web-content.
Malek is developing his first film, a feature documentary

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