A visit to Honour Thy Lovers and a shamanistic experience

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Yesterday I finally left the 7 eme where I live to visit John James and experience an energy cleansing ceremonial. I have not slept more than a few hours a night since the whole COVID-19 pandemic appeared in our lives. During COVID-19 quarantine I did have a ceremonial tarot card reading online but had only heard about the energy cleansing  when I did the interview posted below. I had read in BOF how Robin Meason, the founder of Ritual Projects,  had her showroom energy cleansed and was intrigued.

It might not sound major to you but leaving the confines of the 7eme was a major step for me, of course the fact that I could avoid all public transportation and go by foot made it possible. In fact I did take a car to get there but walked home. I was greeted by the lovely John James in her ceremonial space with a lovely tea before we started the ceremony. It starts with a meditation which was a walk through a verdant forest. The idea of the meditation is to open portals, memories and to heal through shamanistic rituals. While you are there time does not exist. My experience was at first emotional then joyful. I did not even mind having had to remove my shoes…something I hate to do as I prefer to always be a few inches taller than I actually am. I did sleep better last night at least double my sleep pattern for the past 4 1/2 months. I’d say that is progress and I highly recommend the energy cleansing ritual. She also creates one of a kind talismans, if you click the article below you can see some of them. And of course, no matter where you live you can have a ceremonial tarot card reading.





Sitting down with John James of Honour Thy Lovers to discuss her energy cleansing and ceremonial tarot card readings

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